HCR Partners with HRS Connect to Help Organizations Measure and Improve Psychological Safety

Described as ‘the engine of performance’ in Human Resource Management Journal and as an ‘essential quality’ for high-performing teams according to the Harvard Business Review, psychological safety is more than just a buzzword, it’s quickly becoming an HR success story.

Psychological safety can improve culture, help teams achieve more and is a lead indicator of employee satisfaction. Simply put, psychological safety at work supports individuals to speak up without fear. It’s part of a supportive workplace culture.https://www.linkedin.com/embed/feed/update/urn:li:ugcPost:6736838430698856448?compact=1

Achieving psychological safety in your organisation could be as easy as measuring it. So, if you’re thinking of creating a bespoke system to measure, track and report on psychological safety, maybe don’t. Because we have. 

HCR Partners with HRS Connect

Human Capital Realisation (HCR) and HRS Connect have partnered to keep you on the front foot with psychological safety in your organisation. Our solution is designed for Boards and Executives, with easy and visual ways to package this information for senior managers and the broader organisation. 

Psychological safety is real. We can measure it, work at it, and improve it. We invest so much in the hiring process, working hard to achieve diversity and inclusion, but how do you ensure that those human assets are supported to achieve the best they can? HCR and HRS Connect are here for you on the journey. – Janeene Hutchinson, Director at HRS Connect

HRS Connect brings to the partnership a wealth of experience working with organisations and their leaders to redefine business models to achieve strategic goals and competitive advantage in business performance through sustainable solutions with people as key success contributors. 

Together, HCR and HRS Connect are here to help you plan and implement meaningful measurements and improvements to the psychological safety of your teams. This is what enables individuals and teams at all levels of the organisation, to perform, to learn, to be engaged, and to contribute to success.https://www.linkedin.com/embed/feed/update/urn:li:ugcPost:6732168056073707520

Utilising HCR’s expertise in technology to improve HR processes means outputs are high quality, accurate and understandable. Psychological safety impacts key performance indicators (KPIs) across all domains, including those related to people and culture, such as diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, as well as financial performance indicators like revenue and profitability. Psychological safety is a leading indicator for all that is important in an organisation. 

About HRS Connect

HRS Connect is a highly specialised consultancy dedicated to partnering with individuals, teams and organisations to deliver business performance through highly effective leaders and individuals. Based in Brisbane, Australia, HRS Connect can be contacted at janeeneh@hrsconnect.com.au

About HCR

Human Capital Realisation focuses on helping businesses to empower employees at all levels through the use of technology and improved HR processes. They service clients across the Asia-Pacific region from their headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. Contact HCR at peter.brace@HCRaus.com.


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