OrgPublisher is a smart, self-acting org charting and workforce reporting tool that provides automated reporting with clear and best possible visibility.

No matter how large or small your organization is, whether you are a startup, merger, or acquiring a new business, OrgPublisher keeps your data fully automated, structured, and accessible while keeping it safe and fully secure.

What is OrgPublisher?

OrgPublisher is not just your regular org chart. It’s the language of HR.

  • Connect and extract data from the different departments of your organization.
  • Gives you the flexibility in maintaining data and creating reports from any point through various devices including mobile phones and tablets. Works well with any HR system.
  • Publish your data in html, PDF, or PowerPoint. It has superior printing capabilities, accessible through mobile devices whether you are working on-site, from the comfort of your home or anywhere else. 
  • Presented in seven languages supporting multilingual working environment 
  • Design your org chart according to your convenience
  • Allows you to define the levels of security access

Who is this for? 

Perfect solution for any organization that wants a cost-efficient and effective org charting solution

No matter how large or small your organization is, your IT, HR, and Finance departments are always caught up keeping data updated and ready on-demand. This brings tedious hours in front of spreadsheets along with other documents preventing your people from focusing on tasks that result in business growth and profit.

Mergers and acquisitions can be very challenging especially when it comes to data migration. With OrgPublisher, you can have a seamless transition and/or migration with zero downtime.

The Value of Charting Your Entire Workforce

  • OrgPublisher matches talent and skills to the right function allowing you to maximize the full potential of your human resources leading to the organization’s success.
  • With more visibility on the org structure, people and skills, the management can design the right training for their teams.
  • Through powerful data visualization tools, it supports efficient strategic workforce planning by providing current and clearly illustrated data.
  • Redundancy and expenses incurred due to the hiring of unqualified people are eliminated.

Organizational Transformation

  • With Org Publisher, you can easily simulate workforce scenarios which allow you to assess the feasibility of your plans
  • Provides better communication and faster implementation of plans during organizational change
  • Spend less time in developing and presenting restructure plans to executives and stakeholders

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