Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety

Google’s “Project Aristotle” found that psychological safety drives team performance. At HCR, we use a modern-day software solution, Conductor, to measure psychological safety in your organization, determine risks as well as opportunities to improve and prioritize areas where support should be provided.

What is psychological safety?

“Psychological safety isn’t about being nice; it’s about giving candid feedback, openly admitting mistakes and learning from each other.”

— Amy Edmondson, Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School

The Value of Psychological Safety

  • Having a psychologically safe working environment leads to your organization’s financial growth.

  • Diversity and Inclusion encourage your people to be more actively involved in delivering positive results contributing to the accomplishment of your organizational aims.

  • In organizations with people from both high power-distance and low power-distance culture, Conductor Software provides a huge contribution in managing cultural diversity to keep a healthy working relationship among your people conducive to team success.

Psychological safety is a lead indicator of:





Diversity and Inclusion

How Psychological Safety Impacts an Organization’s Performance

Low Psychological Safety

  • Higher turnover
  • Higher absenteeism
  • Higher safety incidents
  • Lower productivity
  • Lower innovation
  • Lower customer satisfaction
  • Lower sales conversion rates

High Psychological Safety

  • Higher sales conversion rates
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Higher innovation
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower safety incidents
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Lower turnover

What is Conductor software?

Correct and timely data are building blocks in making the right decisions in organizations. Conductor Software works on the following to ensure that your decisions are grounded on reliable information.

  • Review Team Dynamics
  • Collect performance data and matches it with your team dynamics
  • From defining your team dynamics to matching it with your performance data, you can produce valid and reliable foresights. You discover new angles to view conditions within your organization and increase your business acumen.
  • With Conductor Software, your decisions are backed by factual and relevant data

How we can help your organization


We measure  team psychological safety across your organization and evaluate them virtually

  • 25 short and easy questions to answer
  • Quick to finish, will only take you less than 4 minutes
  • Simple, easy to understand
  • Reliable


Based on your organization’s KPIs, Conductor calculates psychological safety among your people giving you the ability to make decisions that are backed-up by established or verified data.

  • Conductor matches PS25 results to your company’s KPIs
  • Scales results to financial terms allowing you to measure efficiency based on verified data


Conductor supports continuous improvement in your organization through thorough evaluation and helpful insights to reach your organizational goals.

Measure your team’s psychological safety now

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