​Org Charts – Automated: Save Hours Every Week!​

Here is a simple, cost-effective and FULLY AUTOMATED org charting tool that works with all HR information systems to:

1. Clearly display ALL your HR information in a clear and beautiful organisation chart

2. Keep it up to date without you doing ANY work!

3. Give you complete control over how it is presented.

Not weeks or months, we get you going in days!

​To see just how easy it is, watch this 1 minute video now:

Fast, easy and cost-effective, for all HR information systems

Whatever your sources of HR data (SAP, Peoplesoft, and all others), our solution is fast, easy, and does not require any big investment in time or new systems – it simply plugs in to the systems and processes you have now! HCR’s solutions give you a perfectly clear picture of your whole organisation and how it is lined up with your business strategy, as well as HR Management Improvements and better Employee Engagement.

In a unique, innovative and cost-effective way, we enable you to combine the rigour of metrics with the visual power and engagement of the most frequently used management tool, the organisation chart. 

The result? Greater focus throughout the whole organisation on your key business drivers—including top line revenue, as well as improved HR management.

How does a simple organisation chart achieve this? Please read on.

Begin with a Universal Language

The organisation chart is called ‘the language of HR’. But really it is a language that EVERYONE can understand.

From CEO to front line workers, from Vice President to business analyst, everyone in the business wants to see their place, their role, their connections to their colleagues, their team, their manager (or managers). Yes, we are not boxes, we are not lines, or numbers, we are people. And the organisation chart helps to tell our story.

Our solutions give everyone access to a clear, accurate, up to date organisation chart, at their desk, or on their mobile device. They can view, search, drill up and down–and the information is kept current by a simple daily update process.

​No time, no effort, no cost, to have a daily update to your organisation chart. And you can stop there. 

But for those who want even more value, this is just the beginning…

Then Add Measurable Success Factors

Every business has its key measures of success, or warnings of failure. They are unique and carefully watched. These measures answer the question that is asked every day, every month, every quarter, every year: “How are we doing?”

These indicators, and their relative importance, change as the business responds to market forces, customer demands, regulatory changes, environmental conditions, and more. 

The measures are usually expressed as numbers, and so they can summarised, totalled, analysed, and compared. This is hard with people; but with numbers, it’s easy! And, in the end, the numbers depend on the people. 

Executives, teams, business units, individuals, as well as territories, centres of expertise, consultants, they all contribute in different ways to the key measures of success. And our solutions show you every day how your people—as individuals and groups—align with your strategy and contribute to your operational success.

How long does it take? How much does it cost?

HCR provides robust, flexible, enterprise-level ‘out of the box’ solutions that are easily and quickly configured to your organisation’s unique needs. We work with any (and any combination of) HRMS–SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle, TechnologyOne, Ellipse, Epicor, etc. We can even bring data in quickly and easily from spreadsheets, and automatically combine this with your HRMS data.

IT resources are scarce and expensive in most organisations, so the implementation needs very little time of your IT folks, and sometimes no IT time at all. And our training puts all the power in your own hands, so there is no need for expensive consultants or external resources.

Our solutions are surprisingly affordable for any organisation from 500 to 500,000 employees, as the cost is scaled, and implementation is fast – usually delivering results in days or weeks. The reaction of our new customers ranges from surprise and delight to… well, you’ll have to ask us about that!

Full costings and timeline will be provided once we all agree on the answer to the following question:

Is this the right solution for you?

Our customers include multinational corporations and SMEs as well as local, city, regional and federal government, and the industries cover manufacturing, retail, utilities, mining, and many others.

However, not every organisation is a good fit for our solutions. And we work with organisations where we all agree that our solutions will bring outstanding value, and where they will be used to support significant business objectives.

We are always happy to discuss your requirements and, if we all agree that there is potential to work together, then we can arrange a personalised demonstration (online, no cost, no obligation), and further discussion.

What to do as a first step to value? The choice is yours.

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