HR Management and Processes: Simplified, Optimised ​Through the use of just one metric

From our practical experience, deep research and careful selection of partners, there has emerged a stunningly simple solution to a multitude of HR/business problems, as well as the complexities of HR management. At the heart of this solution is a single, two-dimensional unit of measurement that turns a cacophony of complex indicators into a harmonious and holistic set of measures, tools and simplified processes, and optimised HR management. 

It’s not what you expect, but introducing one standardised measure enables you to focus more on what really matters:  The people in your organisation.

What difference does this one metric make?

Through this simplicity and convergence, results are achieved in the following four areas: 

Alignment – For the first time, an organisation can quantify the alignment of business strategy with workforce expertise – every day, and at every level of the organisation. Ensure that your people can actually use (and develop) the best skills that they possess. 

Utilisation – Quickly find people with the skills needed for a project, or for a brand new business strategy (Usually to be announced tomorrow, and required to be in place yesterday!); and make sure that the right expertise is being used where it is needed most. 

Performance – An index to expose the connection between the organisation’s expertise and business results, bringing the ability to spot statistically significant trends and track improvements. For the first time, you can measure how your investment in training is bringing benefits to your organisation, and to the people who are being trained.

Supply – The most striking innovation. This gives you a view of your organisation that you have NEVER seen before! This has to be seen to be believed. So… let us show you using your own organisation’s data.

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